The Gold Chronicles: September 8th, 2016 Interview with Jim Rickards and Alex Stanczyk

Topics include:

*Jackson Hole Meeting Analysis
*Difference between 3.5% growth and 2% growth compounded over 20 years is the difference between a wealthy nation and a poor one
*Now looking like a rate cut by the Fed is more likely than a rate hike
*Removing cash from monetary system is now being discussed at the highest levels as a path forward to allow the US to implement negative interest rates
*Update to “War on Cash” scenario
*G20 Meeting Analysis
*China’s snub against President Obama was the 2016 version of the Kowtow
*This is a very significant G20 summit, the Hangzhou Consensus are the new rules of the road for the international monetary system
*IMF Quota being reviewed in 2017 and expect emerging market voting shares to be adjusted
*BRIC’s expected to have 15% voting power by end of 2017, which shifts the balance of influence within the IMF away from the US
*Long term effect could include rebalancing the SDR currency ratios, removing use of USD for purchase of oil, and other measures which would reduce reliance on USD as world reserve currency
*Introduction to coming war on gold
*Once the “war on cash” is over, it is expected attention will shift to gold, and government will shift attention to gold
*Buying gold may become increasingly more difficult from a regulatory standpoint in years to come
*Several non-US Central Banks are buying billions of USD worth of US stocks
*Expected longer term economic effect of SDR being re-weighted with Chinese Yuan