The Gold Chronicles: May 2017 Interview with Jim Rickards and Alex Stanczyk

Topics Include:

*Forecast for June 13th, 14th FOMC Meetings
*Cryptocurrencies – bubble or bull market?
*Update on IMF SDR’s
*Fed’s plan to normalize the balance sheet
*Expecting confluence of rate hikes and tightening monetary conditions to create recession and force easing by end of 2017
*Why North Korea has to be taken seriously
*Forecast for war with North Korea by 2018
*Trump, Russia, and media bias
*Physical gold market flows Q1 2017
*Dangers of the mirage of portfolio diversification and conditional correlation (Scholes)
*Why todays portfolios are at risk in the same way as LTCM
*Gold price behavior during liquidity crisis
*Liquidity in the gold market