The Gold Chronicles: February 9th, 2017 Interview with Jim Rickards and Alex Stanczyk

Topics Include:

*Golds role as an international alternative to the United States Dollar
*How financial warfare between sovereigns works
*Strategic view on changes to sovereign gold reserves
*China is slowly shortening the maturity structure of its US Treasuries and letting them run off the books versus selling
*Analysis of projected Trump policies; deep dive into some of the inconsistencies and potential scenarios
*Trump may be able influence the appointment of as many as 4 or 5 members of the FOMC
*Currency Wars are alive and well, new rounds of devaluation are starting
*Helicopter money and price inflation
*Are capital markets complex systems, and why it matters
*Why traditional models such are VaR are old science that may no longer apply to markets
*Specific criteria used in physics to identify a complex system
*Triffin’s Dilemma and gold