The Gold Chronicles: December 15th, 2016 Interview with Jim Rickards and Alex Stanczyk

Topics Include:

*Fed hiked interest rate by .25% as expected
*Fed is expecting 3 more rate increases for 2017 which would bring it to 1.25%
*Yellen has indicated she would lean into Trump’s stimulus if it looked like inflation was getting out of hand
*Trump’s plan calls for $1 trillion in spending, tax cuts, and less regulation. This is a recipe for much higher inflation
*Monetary policy has reached the end of its capability
*Why markets are entering a period of irrational exuberance
*Factors that could impede Trump from having a free hand to implement his economic policy
*The actual numbers of Trump’s fiscal stimulus is going to be far lower than the market is expecting
*Gold is priced in various currency crosses versus gold, price variations are actually currency value fluctuations versus gold
*USD/Gold moves for the last several months have been inverse to USD strength. All major currencies have been declining versus the USD, including gold
*Assessment of Trump’s picks for his administration staff
*India War on Cash / War on Gold has accelerated
*War on Cash has extended to Argentina, Australia
*Description of the “Bail-In” playbook
*Why owning gold makes sense even when there is a risk of government confiscation, and why multi-jurisdictional diversification is one tool to do so
*Gold conversion during periods of crisis
*How to get the most value out of your gold holdings if there is a crisis
*Crisis are temporary events, they have a lifespan, the most important is how value is preserved during a crisis and who has the most valuable assets on the other side of the crisis