The Gold Chronicles: April 9 , 2015 Interview with Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards, Gold Chronicles April 9, 2015

*Middle East overview and impact on markets
*Gulf of Aden strategic picture
*US – Iran Nuclear talks framework
*Why Isreal lacks strategic depth
*Price of oil is being determined by Saudi Arabia
*Expecting low oil prices through 2016
*Global above ground oil stocks hitting record levels
*Oil prices are a reflection of Saudi long term strategy to control oil market share
*Structure and influence of the new China led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) 亚投行
*Argument for AIIB to keep books in SDR’s
*SDR’s have already been in use since 1969
*America’s Summit and shifting US foreign policy in relation to Latin America
*Very little allocation to gold in institutional portfolios
*The world as a whole has insufficient growth, currency wars alive and well
*Optimal portfolio allocations cash or gold during Deflation
*Inflation can happen almost overnight



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