Global Perspectives: February, 2017 Interview with Alex Stanczyk and special guest Brent Johnson

Topics Include:

*A brief summary on Brents latest presentation Don Yuan
*Stock and flow of the money supply: why the FLOW is so essential
*In a debt based monetary system where all money is loaned into existence, all loans have interest attached to it.
*Anywhere from 10-12 trillion is loaned into existence
*Velocity of money has been on a downward slope for 16 years
*How “Regulatory creep” will continue to effect the banking system
*How money market funds work
*Observations on the phenomenon of “Too big to fail” banks
*More info on the velocity of money
*Velocity of money is closely tied to psychology
*How the market bailed the fed out
*psychology behind central banks raising and lowering rates
*How Trump will effect the market
*Why Trumps policies could be inflationary
*Is itpossible for a strong dollar to lead to an inflationary environment?
*How a strengthening dollar could cause its own demise