Global Perspectives: February, 2017 Interview with Alex Stanczyk and special guest Brent Johnson

Stock and Flow. Why the Flow matters.

Physical Gold Fund Hosts Global Perspectives with Alex Stanczyk and special guest Brent Johnson February, 2017


Welcome to Global Perspectives, a new podcast featuring some of the sharpest minds in the world. We delve into the key concerns, opportunities, mindset, and practices of some of the most successful professional money managers, entrepreneurs, and world class personalities today.

This episodes special guest is Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital.

Topics Include:

*A brief summary on Brents latest presentation Don Yuan
*Stock and flow of the money supply: why the FLOW is so essential
*In a debt based monetary system where all money is loaned into existence, all loans have interest attached to it.
*Anywhere from 10-12 trillion is loaned into existence
*Velocity of money has been on a downward slope for 16 years
*How “Regulatory creep” will continue to effect the banking system
*How money market funds work
*Observations on the phenomenon of “Too big to fail” banks
*More info on the velocity of money
*Velocity of money is closely tied to psychology
*How the market bailed the fed out
*psychology behind central banks raising and lowering rates
*How Trump will effect the market
*Why Trumps policies could be inflationary
*Is itpossible for a strong dollar to lead to an inflationary environment?
*How a strengthening dollar could cause its own demise

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