EP. 7 Global Perspectives: April, 2020 Interview with Alex Stanczyk and special guest Duncan Cameron

Topics Include:
*Gold transfers into China through Russia
*How the US Dollar is moving towards losing its status as the world reserve currency
*The rise and fall of empires
*Full spectrum warfare
*Why it may not be not possible to accurately estimate China’s physical gold reserves
*How policies during the French yyperinflation resembles “Modern Monetary Theory”
*The demonization of free speech that disagrees with other ideologies
*How social conditioning is affecting discussions of inflationary consequences
*How the Federal Reserve embarking on a junk bond buying voyage is reminiscent of the French Hyperinflation
*Unemployment numbers are likely higher than reported
*The Federal Reserve publicly saying they can print an unlimited amount of money pushing people towards a loss of trust in the USD
*Break down of supply chains are being projected to cause shortages in food supply and potential civil unrest
*How the economic consequences of the shutdown over coronavirus may be worse than the effects of the disease itself
*MMT violates basic natural laws and disconnects human from labor, removing all incentive
*Honest money versus fiat