EP. 7 Global Perspectives: April, 2020 Interview with Alex Stanczyk and special guest Duncan Cameron

Physical Gold Fund Hosts Global Perspectives with Alex Stanczyk and special guest Duncan Cameron April, 2020

Welcome to Global Perspectives, a new podcast featuring some of the sharpest minds in the world. We delve into the key concerns, opportunities, mindset, and practices of some of the most successful professional money managers, entrepreneurs, and world class personalities today.

This episodes special guest is Duncan Cameron.


Topics Include:

*Gold transfers into China through Russia

*How the US Dollar is moving towards losing its status as the world reserve currency

*The rise and fall of empires *Full spectrum warfare

*Why it may not be not possible to accurately estimate China’s physical gold reserves

*How policies during the French yyperinflation resembles “Modern Monetary Theory”

*The demonization of free speech that disagrees with other ideologies

*How social conditioning is affecting discussions of inflationary consequences

*How the Federal Reserve embarking on a junk bond buying voyage is reminiscent of the French Hyperinflation

*Unemployment numbers are likely higher than reported

*The Federal Reserve publicly saying they can print an unlimited amount of money pushing people towards a loss of trust in the USD

*Break down of supply chains are being projected to cause shortages in food supply and potential civil unrest

*How the economic consequences of the shutdown over coronavirus may be worse than the effects of the disease itself

*MMT violates basic natural laws and disconnects human from labor, removing all incentive

*Honest money versus fiat



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