The Gold Chronicles: June 23, 2016 Interview with Jim Rickards

* Full commentary and analysis on Brexit (referendum for the UK remaining in the EU or leaving it)
* In British history this will stand out as a momentous day
* Betting pools are not a good proxy for UK citizens views on Brexit, bad science
* Gold prior to vote is priced for the UK to vote to remain in the EU
* A leave vote will cause gold to skyrocket and the GPB will lose 10% overnight
* Economists have a terrible forecasting record, and there is no reason to believe their projections will play out re Brexit
* The EU is a result of 60 years of work on a political project, not an economic project
* Gold is beginning to reverse flows into London, averaging 60 tons per month since Feb 2016 creating tightness in the wholesale gold market at the refinery level
* If the UK leaves the EU, Scotland will likely leave the UK and join the EU