how to invest

Physical Gold Fund SP is listed on the Cayman Stock Exchange (CSX), and clears through Euroclear and Fundsettle, as well as world leading custodial platforms such as Pershing.
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To talk to our team at Physical Gold Fund SP, please contact:

Alex Stanczyk
Physical Gold Fund SP
(US) +1 206 905-9961

Néstor Castillero Núñez
Physical Gold Fund SP
(Latin America)+507 282-6606

If you would like to subscribe for shares directly with the fund administrator, please contact:

GlobeOp Financial Services (Cayman) Limited
Fax: +1 860 371 2503


Registered /Licensed Broker Dealers and custodians which can facilitate purchase of fund shares


Credit Suisse
EFG Bank
Credit Agricole
Julius Baer

Latin America:

Metrobank (Eurovalores)
Plus Capital Markets
Sweetwater Securities
MMG Bank
Global Bank
Asinsa Capital
FPB Bank
Atlantika Investments

United States:

Brown Brothers Harriman, New York