Physical Gold Fund SP

Physical Gold Fund SP is a Cayman regulated, transparent, open‐ended fund, that invests in unencumbered fully allocated physical gold in the form of “Good Delivery” gold bars meeting the standards for good delivery bars set forth by the LBMA.

400 oz Good Delivery Gold Bars


  • The Fund provides a transparent, regulated and highly secure tool for allocating a portion of a portfolio to physical gold.
  • The Fund uses a proven vaulting methodology that may reduce a portfolios exposure to the general markets, bail-ins, systemic risk, sovereign risk, banking failure, or currency collapse or change.
  • The Fund invests in unencumbered, fully allocated physical gold bars meeting the standards of the LBMA Good Delivery Specification.
  • The Fund offers excellent weekly liquidity, and buys and sells gold at the core of the industry with the largest ‘Good Delivery’ refineries in the world. This provides our investors un-matched liquidity options during systemic crisis which could freeze the assets of other gold funds.
  • Redemption in Kind: Shares of the Fund may be converted into the underlying asset through the Precious Metals Agent.